App Tracks Real-Time Savings when Customers Store Energy During Off-Peak Hours.

PowerFlow Final

The PowerFlow customer portal shows how the CODA CORE tower system works like an energy savings account. It stores energy when it is off peak and uses the energy when it is most expensive, saving up to 20% on energy costs for commercial and industrial facilities. The app visualizes the demand, utility usage, and storage power output in a real-time, savings-based view of the energy bill.

My Role

  • UX/UI Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Development Management

Wireframes and Prototype

Starting with an initial design kickoff meeting that included a whiteboard session of sketching ideas, the various "usage views" were established and the hierarchy of the Powerflow dashboard tools took shape. With objectives clear and using a Mobile First design approach wireframing began. It took one round of revisions to reach approval on the mobile wireframe displayed here. A tablet to desktop wireframe followed as well as a prototype of the two views allowing for efficient and on-point development to happen.

PowerFlow Wireframe